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Internal Competition Secretary: Steve Albutt

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Congratulations to all the winners of the 2023-2024 season

Members Internal Competitions 2023-2024

Both Pdi and Print competitions will comprise of  6 rounds
Four rounds will be on an open subject and two will be themed. You may enter up to 3 images in each round.  Your top 2 scores will count towards the league tables 

We are also introducing a new layer of marking, any images that are held back for review but do not receive a placing or commendation will be awarded 14 points. Any images not held or placed will still be awarded 13 points. 

NEW naming convention has also been introduced see details below.  All images can be emailed to Steve or via WeTransfer.com

Both Prints and Pdi's will be run on the same night. We will do our best to make sure that the evening does not over run past 10 pm. 

The Internal competition comprises of 3 rounds, 4 of which are open subject and 2 will have set subject. An independent judge is assigned to each round. Each round of the competition will have 6 sections as follows: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced in both Prints and Projected Images (Pdi'S). Members can enter up to 3 images in each of the sections to which they are eligible. The judge will be asked to choose a first, second, third place and as many highly commended and commended as they wish in each of the sections. The placed images will have scores assigned for purposes of the league tables as follows: First = 20, Second = 19, Third = 18, Highly Commended = 16, Commended = 15 Held with no placing or award = 14 all other entries will be given 13 points. Only the top two scoring images from each author will be forwarded to the league table.  A full copy of the rules is included in your programme or speak to the Internal Competition Secretary.
How to resize your image ready for Internal Competitions and Exhibition using Photoshop. (Advice about resizing using other software can be obtained from members in the club)
Open your image and on the Tool Bar click on Image, then on resize and choose Image size. Make sure the resample and constrain proportion box is ticked. Go to pixel dimension area and if image is landscape type 1600 in width box if image is portrait type 1200 in the height box, the other dimension will adjust automatically.
To convert to sRGB colour profile – go to Edit menu and select convert profile and follow the instructions to convert to sRGB. The file will now be the same colour profile as the projector. (This step is very important. If it is not done the projected image may display the wrong colours)
•Save your work as jpeg and under a new name.

PROJECTED DIGITAL IMAGE (PDI) – How to present your images: All entries to be sent to Steve via email or WeTransfer.com.   Please use the following format:

• DB (Digital image Beginner)
• DI (Digital image Intermediate)
• DA (Digital image Advanced)

Number and Section Title Name 

1DB Nice Sunset_James Bloggs

PRINTS thumbnail IMAGE (PDI)
. PB (Print image Beginner)
• PI (Print image Intermediate)
• PA (Print image Advanced)

Number and Section Title Name

1PB Nice Sunset_James Bloggs

Image size: This should be no greater than 1600 pixels landscape edge, 1200 pixels vertical edge. Square pictures are maximum 1200 pixels by 1200 pixels. The colour profile should be set to sRGB and saved as jpg file. Please make sure that the memory stick, cd or cover has your name on it so it can be returned to the correct owner.
Panel Competition - General Rules
Panel Competition – General Rules Up to 3 panels in each section may be entered, but in the event of any restriction on numbers shown entries should be listed in order of preference for each class on the entry form. Only one title per entry is required (work with more than one title will have only one read out on the evening). Titles to be given to the organiser before the competition (see programme for date). There will be no distinction between beginners, intermediate or advanced workers. A trophy will be awarded to the best set in each section and will be presented at the Presentation Evening Dinner. Section 1 – Set of 3 or 4 digital 3 images to fit in 1600 pixels x 1200 pixels using only one projector Section 2 – Set of 3 or 4 prints Prints to be marked with a presentation plan on the back of each print. Sets may be monochrome, colour or a mixture. Prints should be mounted on lightweight boards no larger than 50cm x 40cm
2023-2024 Rounds League Tables2023-2024 Evening Scoresheets

Round 1 - Open Prints and Pdi  - 19th Oct

Round 2 - Open Prints and PDI - 23rd Nov

Round 3 - MONO Prints and Pdi- 11th Jan

Round 4 Open Prints and Pdi - 8th Feb

Round  5 Open Prints and Pdi - 14th Mar

Round 6  Street Photography
 -11th Apr

Panels  Prints and Pdi's 2nd May

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